Capsa Digital is thrilled to be working with Warehouse Lockers to revolutionise the way you think about managing customer rental  transactions. Smart Rental is a game-changing way to allow your customers to borrow your products. By digitising the entire rental process, a Smart Rental solution provides a seamless user experience that fits perfectly into our fast-paced lives.

This blog post will highlight the key features and benefits of this innovative solution.

What is Smart Rental?

Smart Rental is designed to enhance convenience, accessibility, and security for users. By enabling  users to borrow your products via a smartphone app or locker touchscreen there is a familiarity for the user. The technology combines a user’s familiarity with an e-commerce purchase with the practicality of traditional storage lockers, giving you and your customer the best of both worlds.

Smart Rental Key Features and Benefits

Smart Access Control

Your customers expect great service. Ensure your physical hand-off matches your smooth e-commerce process guaranteeing customer satisfaction and repeat business. Bid farewell to frustrated customers waiting to be served and staff inefficiently handling that e-commerce transaction. 

Smart Rental employs a sophisticated access control system that can be managed by the customer’s smartphone or via a touchscreen interface. Within a couple of taps, users can access their purchase or rental seamlessly. This streamlined process ensures that only authorised customers have access to the lockers. Card payment can be completed in advance online, via contactless payment at the locker or via the smartphone app.

Realtime, Remote Monitoring

Worried about the safety of your products? Stay informed and connected to your products at all times. With Smart Rental, you can monitor your locker remotely through the app. Receive real-time updates about any access attempts or unusual activities, providing you with peace of mind, wherever you are in the World. Tracking and reporting can be tailored to your needs so you can get to know your consumers better.

Contactless Rentals

Embracing the need for contactless experiences for users, Smart Rental enables you to complete the entire rental process online. From selecting your product, to signing agreements, the process can be done remotely, making it a safe and convenient option with minimal staff input and no face to face interaction.


With just a few taps on your smartphone or on the user interface at the locker, you and your users can manage your locker easily, saving you time and effort. Locker access can be 24/7 enhancing the availability of your products beyond standard business hours.

Through customising our webapp workflow, Warehouse Lockers have created a unique customer focused experience.

Bespoke Designs

Capsa Digital are working closely with Warehouse Lockers to design bespoke Smart Rental Locker solutions for their clients. Designs are sleek and contemporary with the ability to easily and inexpensively customise branding and make swift changes to advertise special offers, product updates and key features.

Smart Rental by Warehouse Lockers represents a game-changing evolution in the physical hand off of a digital transaction. With its smart access control and remote monitoring capabilities, it offers unparalleled convenience, security, and peace of mind. Say goodbye to outdated storage methods and embrace the future of storage with Smart Rental! Visit for more information.