Here at Capsa Digital, we’re excited to share the story of a collaboration that goes beyond business. Library of Things is a community-driven initiative that gives people access to essential items to rent at low rates in a more sustainable way.

We chatted to our partners at Library of Things to gather feedback on how our Smart Locker Solution has helped them to continue grow an affordable and sustainable item rental system for local communities around the UK.

Interview with Sophia Wyatt, Library of Things Co-Founder

Meet Sophia Wyatt, Co-Founder of Library of Things, Circular Economy & Product Leader, Service Designer and Innovation Strategist. Sophia shares how Library of Things started, born out of a personal need for essential, but rarely used, items.

“Myself and my two co-founders were needing certain products like a pressure washer or a steam cleaner or drill and we thought “this is mad that we have to go out and buy these things when we need to use them once or twice – I wish I could just borrow from someone I know but there are so many challenges with that.” And so we thought why can’t we just have a set of products that we can all share? And that’s how it evolved.”

The business venture has since continued to grow and evolve, with Library of Things Smart Locker kiosks reaching all around the UK, and all fuelled by grassroots community efforts.

“We got to a point where this is now a model that’s genuinely replicable. We’re now at a place where it’s really easy for any community to start a Library of Things and you can go on our website and you can start a campaign to bring it to your area.”

Sophia emphasises the communal ownership of items within each community, preventing unnecessary purchases and encouraging sustainability. Library of Things aims to help reduce the staggering 1.7 million tons of electronic items purchased annually in the UK by promoting borrowing over buying.

Partnering with Capsa Digital

In Sophia’s words, Library of Things works with local councils and communities, using public spaces such as libraries, shopping centres, and leisure centres. They partner with top end brands to bring the highest quality products to communities for low rental fees. The partnership with us here at Capsa Digital means we have been able to create and introduce a fully comprehensive Smart Locker solution for their customers.

“It took us a few years to find the right way for people to access these items and we didn’t have a way of doing it seamlessly. What set [Capsa Digital] apart was that they were just so lovely to work with and they were very engaged with us on a business level. And they really bothered to get to know us – they worked with us to make sure that we were actually getting the right lockers and they really just cared. For us our products have to be affordable, so [Capsa Digital] really worked with us on getting the costs down and with the right finish and just making sure that it was genuinely what we needed. They really understood that this was a community Grassroots project that has grown rather than a corporate profit maximising business, and that’s been appreciated.”


Sophia highlights the importance of affordability in increasing the reach of their kiosks and supporting more communities. The collaboration with Capsa Digital has helped Library of Things to achieve the right balance between bespoke and off-the-shelf to maintain an affordable price while still producing a unique product.

“The more affordable we can make our kiosks, the more places we can put a Library of Things and the more communities we can support. It creates affordable access for as many people as possible and that’s just a wonderful direct relationship between us.”

Future of the Industry

Sophia envisions a circular future where more businesses and communities encourage sustainability. With Capsa Digital’s assistance, Library of Things now has a successful working model for businesses looking to incorporate rental.

“We see the future as being circular and there are going to be more and more businesses and communities that want to go circular and we now have, with Capsa’s help, a very off-the-shelf solution [to] implement rental as a core part of their business.”

Interview with Ranjit Singh, Partnerships & Strategic Business Development

Meet Ranjit, specialising in Partnerships & Strategic Business Development, running day-to-day operations of Library of Things. Ranjit focuses on driving growth, overseeing processes, and ensuring performance standards are met.

How has Capsa Digital’s solution helped your customers?

Ranjit feels that Capsa Digital has created a reliable system that has reduced operational issues, leading to a more streamlined customer experience.

“There are 3 key points to the process; you come to our website and reserve the product, you then physically collect from our lockers, then you return the item. In terms of day-to-day operations, [Capsa Digital] has provided a very reliable system. The key user interface for customers is that the locker door opens reliably each and every time they use our service. With Capsa’s solutions we have been able to provide a close to 100% reliability on door opening performance.

Library of Things Operations

The hands-on approach of the Capsa team has supported a seamless integration of the Library of Things locker solution. Ranjit talked about how it is both operationally superior and more cost-effective, meaning their customers get a simpler and more affordable product.

“We can’t speak highly enough of [Capsa Digital] in terms of support but also engagement, experience and creativity. We’re very happy and really enjoy working with them and have had no major issues.

The Capsa Team are very collaborative and involved in the day-to-day. It’s been a very smooth integration. They bring vast experience and we have benefitted greatly from this.”

Library of Things Future Plans:

“We have planned to be up to 20 locations by end of 2023. Our goal is to grow by 50% each year. [With Capsa Digital’s solution], we feel confident we will achieve those targets.”


The partnership between Capsa Digital and Library of Things promotes a circular economy, discouraging unnecessary purchases and reducing waste. Capsa Digital’s reliable locker solution has made making the process of reserving, collecting, and returning items smoother.

Capsa Digital worked closely with Library of Things to create a cost-effective solution, ensuring the affordability of the lockers and making the initiative accessible to a broader audience.

The collaboration between Library of Things and Capsa Digital has introduced an affordable and sustainable item rental solution to market, setting the stage for continued growth and success together.