Make your lockers Smart and start using Smart Locks!

At Capsa Digital, we specialise in providing cutting-edge storage smart lockers designed to meet the diverse needs of modern environments. Our smart lockers are engineered to offer secure and convenient storage solutions for staff in offices and educational environments, as well as generating revenue from visitors in museums and theme parks.


  • Store Bags of Staff and Visitors: Our storage smart lockers are designed to efficiently store bags for both staff in offices and visitors in museums and theme parks. By implementing our smart locker system, hybrid workspaces with limited desk space can effectively store items, maximising utilisation.
  • Simple User Interface: Accessing our smart lockers is easy and efficient. Users can access a locker using the touchscreen interface, which guides them through a series of simple screens. They can select the size of the locker needed, duration of storage, and make contactless payments if required. Alternatively, users can perform these actions directly from their mobile phones, reducing queuing time.
  • Security Features:
    • Access is controlled via PIN or mobile phone, ensuring secure storage.
    • Manufactured from robust steel for public locations, guaranteeing safety and durability.
    • MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) offered in controlled environments such as offices where strength is less critical.
    • PCI-compliant card payment processing protects stored cardholder data, ensuring secure transactions.
  • Cloud Connectivity and API Integration:
    • In work environments, our smart lockers can be integrated with client systems, ensuring the system always has the latest staff information and allowing staff to use their own form of access, such as office RFID cards.
    • For museums and theme parks, cloud connectivity and integration mean clients can have real-time access to usage data and revenue figures. Integration provides more flexibility with flexible pricing for different days/times.
    • We monitor the connectivity of all smart lockers to ensure they are online, allowing us to rectify any downtime before the client is affected.
  • In-Locker Charging: Users can leave their mobile phones, laptops, or other devices in the locker, ensuring they are fully charged upon their return.
  • Flexible Compartment and Locker Sizes:
    • Clients can have lockers that fit exactly into their space, maximizing the number of compartments for end-users.
    • Flexibility in door sizes ensures that end-customers can find the right size compartment for their needs.
    • Post-install re-configuration of locker compartment sizes gives unmatched flexibility to our clients.


  • For Offices:
    • Maximizes space utilization in hybrid workspaces with limited desk space.
    • Eliminates the need for staff to be allocated lockers, maximizing utilization by allowing the system to assign a locker.
  • For Museums and Theme Parks:
    • Generates revenue from bag storage with an excellent customer experience using a touchscreen or mobile phone.
    • Introduces new revenue or saves costs by replacing expensive staffed management of bags.

Why Choose Us:

  • Unmatched Expertise: We only work in the smart locker space and have a unmatched understanding of workflows, APIs and integrations.
  • Competitive Pricing: We recognise our clients need to get the best value for their investment.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We always start with the client’s requirements and base our solution around those needs to ensure every project is a success.

Simple – Secure – Flexible – Low Cost

Want to make your lockers Smart with a Smart Lock? Get in touch below and let us know more… Here are some things to get thinking about:

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