In a world where we need to address excessive consumerism and environmental challenges, a unique concept has emerged, offering a refreshing solution to these problems. Welcome to the world of “Library of Things” – a revolutionary initiative that is transforming the way we consume and share goods. At Capsa Digital we are proud to be working in partnership with Library of Things to bring eco-friendly, community sharing options to various locations in the UK through a Smart Rental solution.

What is Library of Things?

At its core, Library of Things is a lending library with a twist. Instead of borrowing books, users have access to a vast array of items, ranging from household tools and DIY equipment to camping gear and party supplies. The concept is simple yet powerful: instead of purchasing these items for single-use or occasional needs, individuals can borrow them from the library, thus reducing unnecessary consumption and waste.

Smart Rental

Library of Things offers an affordable, pay-as-you-go rental service with a small membership fee the first time you make a reservation. There is also a 25% concession rate for anyone that needs it. Users can browse the online catalogue, reserve the items they need, and then collect them from their nearest Library of Things location.

Image belongs to Library of Things

This model not only provides an affordable and eco-conscious alternative to ownership but also promotes a sense of ownership within the community as people collectively care for these shared resources.

Library of Things Near Me?

If you’d like to see a Library of Things in your area then check out The Library of Things campaign page here to see if your area has started a campaign. If not you can sign up at the bottom of the page. Check out the milestones below for how you can get a Library of Things in your neighbourhood. It only takes a few people to make a big difference to the whole community.

Image from Library of Things

Capsa Digital Bespoke Designs

At Capsa Digital we are delighted to be designing and supporting the installation of bespoke lockers to bring the vision of Library of Things to life. Currently, we have designed and established solutions in Kilburn, Canada Water and Willesden Green. These aren’t just lockers, they’re beautiful, bespoke, smart locker configurations that fit into each of their unique locations. Each design is carefully curated taking into consideration the environmental surroundings.

The smart lockers are quick and easy to use with a touch screen on the locker bank itself. Use the Library of Things website to make a reservation before heading to your collection point.

Future of Library of Things

Library of Things represents a brilliant example of how innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand. By challenging the conventional notion of ownership and consumption, this exciting concept is carving a path toward a greener, more equitable future. Through promoting the reuse of items, reducing waste, and strengthening community bonds, Library of Things offers a refreshing vision of a world where sharing and collaboration lead the way. Here at Capsa Digital we’re already collaborating with Library of Things on their next project location.

Visit Library of Things and start your journey towards a more sustainable and connected future today. If you’d like to find out how Capsa Digital can help you with your smart locker solutions get in touch here.